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Sherry's journey writing Love Changes front page story featured in Capital City Hues

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Love Changes is a captivating story that takes you deep into the hearts and souls of five unforgettable characters.  Together they seek the true meaning of love in a racially divided community.  The power of love, faith, and the resiliency of the human spirit will warm your heart and capture your imagination.


                --Lilada Gee, author of I Can’t Live Like This Anymore!


In the 1950s, colored people and whites don’t mix much.  Different neighborhoods, different schools, even different drinking fountains keep everything separate. Comfortable. Safe.


But changes are creeping into Jake Schultz’s Chicago neighborhood--changes that could force Jake to reexamine the way he looks at race, changes that could lead his young son to the love of his life, changes that hint at profound shifts to come.


The changes start when a know-it-all colored woman—Mama Rose—moves in right next door to Jake.  Her granddaughter, Shelly, forms an immediate bond with his son, Mark.  Their love story spans decades, and leads them to a choice: will they be able to put their differences and secrets aside and allow love to transform them?


Sherry Lucille has worked with teenagers as a guidance counselor and director of dance for almost two decades.  She speaks professionally on the topics of self-esteem, identity, and conflict resolution.





A sample chapter of Love Changes is available for your reading pleasure:

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